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  1. Joe thomas

    Joe thomasPred 19 urami


  2. MoMoneyLessProblems

    MoMoneyLessProblemsPred 20 urami

    If there's anything less than 0.5 seconds on the clock when a game winner like this goes in the NBA should let the clock run out. It just kills the mood to leave 0.1 or 0.2 etc. seconds on the clock. And I don't give a shit about Derrick Fisher 0.4 second shot which was a one in a million type shot which still to this day is very close to call. If you just got a game winner made on you with less than 0.5 seconds it's over.

  3. The Hippo

    The HippoPred 20 urami

    0:29 when the teacher assigns multiple homework assignments over the weekend

  4. Tomato sauce

    Tomato saucePred 20 urami

    Better than lebron

  5. footferry1589

    footferry1589Pred 20 urami

    Toronto so lucky this game was against the Sixers because no universe exists where that shot goes in against literally any other team.

  6. TADEO Montana

    TADEO MontanaPred 20 urami

    Lmaoo I bet Dwight would hop on that


    RTGRISHPred 20 urami

    Lebron “CP3 thats my nigga”

  8. jus BRODRICK

    jus BRODRICKPred 20 urami


  9. Jonathan Esser

    Jonathan EsserPred 20 urami

    Title: Here is exactly what happened. Me: "Why should I bother watching then?"

  10. Jowa Horn

    Jowa HornPred 20 urami

    His Corner 3 was on point

  11. Riv & Reb

    Riv & RebPred 20 urami

    Hayword looks like he's about 13-14 years old

  12. Jordan

    JordanPred 20 urami

    I’ve had dinner with Jason Terry he’s so chill and laidback you’d never know he was an NBA champ 💪🏽

  13. dbj ayanna

    dbj ayannaPred 20 urami

    a year ago today! what a GOAT i cried when he was talking about gab

  14. Big Soulja

    Big SouljaPred 20 urami

    Rather get dunked on in a regular season game that get bitched in the Finals

  15. Dilly Billy

    Dilly BillyPred 20 urami

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  16. hung nguyen

    hung nguyenPred 20 urami

    The vivacious pyramid pathomorphologically unlock because baby oceanographically hop upon a snotty zone. miscreant, flippant responsibility

  17. Arsamag Kodzasov

    Arsamag KodzasovPred 20 urami

    Legend Basketball 🏀

  18. LeBeautiful James

    LeBeautiful JamesPred 20 urami

    That's a foul

  19. APersonOnYoutube !

    APersonOnYoutube !Pred 20 urami

    You can tell Shaq is racist.

  20. E Grays

    E GraysPred 20 urami

    This is priceless 😂😂

  21. Put U Smooth

    Put U SmoothPred 20 urami

    Had Plaxico never shot himself and never really didn’t experience any injuries ... They would’ve been 1 of the best 1 - 2 punch for a few more years

  22. hung nguyen

    hung nguyenPred 20 urami

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  23. 9.890.980 views

    9.890.980 viewsPred 20 urami

    lebum made him a diva...

  24. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaPred 20 urami

    Where’s the full video

  25. 08TR 295

    08TR 295Pred 20 urami



    DANAIRO THOMASPred 20 urami

    Jason Terry is pretty damn funny! Great episode

  27. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

    Joshua Jean-BaptistePred 20 urami

    Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was sinless and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in Him, we will be saved from the eternal punishment which is hell, and be given eternal life.l

  28. Dtown

    DtownPred 20 urami

    Lmao I remember I was at MGM casino drunk an me an my homeboy saw him I was like what up doe jt my boy was like LeBron did you dirty

  29. Gunkanjima

    GunkanjimaPred 20 urami

    This bum ass channel didn’t include his go ahead 3 with 15 seconds left.....?

  30. Infinityflow

    InfinityflowPred 20 urami

    Mike Breen needed to commentate this. Only a BANG! could do this justice.

  31. Jack McNeil

    Jack McNeilPred 20 urami

    Stoney river makes blank look cheap lol

  32. I love to troll

    I love to trollPred 20 urami

    Shaq always saying or doing sum sus 🤣💯

  33. Red Burgundy

    Red BurgundyPred 21 uro

    Flamed his ahs

  34. aarongdukey

    aarongdukeyPred 21 uro

    Melo can’t swim

  35. NZ Toy Reviews

    NZ Toy ReviewsPred 21 uro

    I’m impressed by AD’s passion to coach, and everyone’s attentiveness to listen ... Awesome team chem 😎👍✨

  36. London Stackhouse

    London StackhousePred 21 uro

    LoL funny

  37. Itsmee 9001

    Itsmee 9001Pred 21 uro

    I think there is a special connection between Korkmaz and Simmons - just counted 5 assists from Furkan to Ben🤷🏻‍♂️

  38. jarell James

    jarell JamesPred 21 uro

    Always on the face of batum😂

  39. Alex BabyBoyGot3

    Alex BabyBoyGot3Pred 21 uro

    Shaq clown ass😆😆😆 he still the KING LMAO

  40. Said Naibzada

    Said NaibzadaPred 21 uro

    Let me work with y’all bleacher report!!!!

  41. Caleb Mola

    Caleb MolaPred 21 uro

    It's actually sorta sad that everyone knows you mostly because LeBron James posterized you.

  42. Ben Drankin

    Ben DrankinPred 21 uro

    Tonight proved with Luka and Dame

  43. Sandy's Cheeks

    Sandy's CheeksPred 21 uro

    I torn my acl 2 months ago and I am getting a surgery soon, when it happend I couldn't even stand up I don't get how he ran after it happened :D the adrenaline got him crazy.

  44. Smooth Red

    Smooth RedPred 21 uro

    Brooooooo that dunk was so epic when I seen that on Terry 😭😭and I’m a Celtics fan 😂😅🎯

  45. #8

    #8Pred 21 uro

    That moment wouldn’t have been that much if terry, dirk n them aint all bust lebron’s ass in 2011. Lebron couldnt wait to get him

  46. Kimoni Thompson

    Kimoni ThompsonPred 21 uro

    One of the best

  47. Dr. Jack Kevorkian

    Dr. Jack KevorkianPred 21 uro

    T.O. is the most emotional dude on earth. Big Ol Baby. If you guys go back you’ll see there’s things that should have never come out and the only way we know is because T.O.’s BiG MOUTH. T.O. has steadily been the dude saying there’s nothing , we squashed it, I want to squash it but then he’s on the very next thing doggin Donovan. T.O. is a punk. He’s the reason for all this starting & never stopping. T.O. making that comeback to play in The SuperB🦉 was legendary. But... Donovan & The Eagles made it there without T.O. TO did not play in 1 playoff game and they were rolling without Terrell. That’s facts and McNabb going out before the game is do what’s best for you. Lots of players & QB’s have been known to party before the BiG GAME and then they play their best game. Some Dudes are better like that. Is what it is. If you’ve never played Hi, Hungover or feeling nice In someway then you don’t know. I’ve played some of my best games coming in hungover. You go off because there’s no thinking just doing.

  48. Dont Mess with me

    Dont Mess with mePred 21 uro

    these 3 dudes are best of friend in the commentator community.

  49. Jimnosnow 4

    Jimnosnow 4Pred 21 uro

    We just gonna ignore the thumbnail huh

  50. Rocket Guy ARCCZ

    Rocket Guy ARCCZPred 21 uro

    Man, I really still cannot believe he is gone. He will never be forgotten.

  51. bryan burroughs

    bryan burroughsPred 21 uro

    Good sport

  52. Freddyb

    FreddybPred 21 uro

    Melo dodged a bullet lol

  53. 8Ball Ballers

    8Ball BallersPred 21 uro

    i cant hear it anymore..."Luka you are pro since 16y of age..:" and ? LaMelo also has been pro with 16y in europe, but LaMelo has not Lukas stats in nba rookie season, LaMelo won no MVP awards in europe or championships... has nothing to do with the pro with 16y, his talent and basketball iq is special..

  54. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinPred 21 uro

    In a green-light iso-heavy league, you don’t call timeout to set up a perfect play thereby letting the other team setup on D. Give it to your best player and let him to get to his spot. Love the way the NBA has shifted.

  55. 2 Train

    2 TrainPred 21 uro

    Lookin like ya all on LBJ tip

  56. Trent wilt

    Trent wiltPred 21 uro

    I like big money

  57. Adnan Kazim

    Adnan KazimPred 21 uro

    Finally NBA!!!

  58. V. Jones

    V. JonesPred 21 uro

    That’s what happens when you’ve been carrying the league on your back for 20 years

  59. Feliciano Media Co

    Feliciano Media CoPred 21 uro

    Damn Mandella Effect 😒 where is Melo. And what is Mrs. Wade doing there?

  60. Conner

    ConnerPred 22 urami

    Tom Brady is number 1 in shutting people up

  61. L. E

    L. EPred 22 urami

    He trying to cut in and stop shaq- boy know your place

  62. DracoTheBlkGodGamer

    DracoTheBlkGodGamerPred 22 urami

    Melo might be getting older but that jumper is timeless

  63. GG23

    GG23Pred 22 urami

    What up 97 comment

  64. Vaughn Chauncy

    Vaughn ChauncyPred 22 urami

    Throw shaq out.

  65. Victor M

    Victor MPred 22 urami

    One day Zlayan played "I've got your nose" with the sphinx. He didn't give it back

  66. Talen Rivero

    Talen RiveroPred 22 urami

    my nigga really lookin like a Sith Lord

  67. CodeName Mottz

    CodeName MottzPred 22 urami

    They gunned LBJ down 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Bartholomew Lyons

    Bartholomew LyonsPred 22 urami

    СP looks like Kevin Heart in the middle of the banana there

  69. A Gonzales

    A GonzalesPred 22 urami

    “The Don” please make this his nickname

  70. Angelo Abner

    Angelo AbnerPred 22 urami


  71. Dae Escobar

    Dae EscobarPred 22 urami

    It gotta be the shoes 🤣🔥

  72. Sola Scriptura

    Sola ScripturaPred 22 urami

    All of that hugging.... Yet, Kyrie can't swap jerseys with Bam. Ok.....

  73. TD Animate 2009

    TD Animate 2009Pred 22 urami

    Raiders now lost those 2 guys

  74. Ben Henderson

    Ben HendersonPred 22 urami

    Terry really got a championship tattoo before ending up actually winning a championship 😳 That’s crazy