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This is McLaren

This is McLaren

Pred 7 dnevi

  1. BlessedMarquesYRN

    BlessedMarquesYRNPred 13 urami

    The production quality in Mclaren’s UNBOXED videos are insane. More teams should follow the example of a team which are like a second family. Cheers Mclaren

  2. Eric Hagen

    Eric HagenPred 13 urami

    I’m really looking forward to what this team is capable of. Two solid drivers and a really decent car.

  3. OscarM452

    OscarM452Pred 13 urami

    So hyped for the new season just for unboxed. Dont rlly care about the racing part

  4. Circle

    CirclePred 13 urami

    THE MERC ENGINE 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Trance 9

    Trance 9Pred 14 urami

    Go Norris and McLaren!!

  6. AlexLV

    AlexLVPred 14 urami

    epic video, go mclaren!!!, who is the FPV pilot¿???

  7. John Faulkner

    John FaulknerPred 14 urami

    Living the dream!

  8. Matt Hunter

    Matt HunterPred 14 urami

    So excited for 2021 with Daniel & Lando!!!

  9. virdewinder singh

    virdewinder singhPred 14 urami

    McLaren in Papaya with full wets on. DREAM 😍😍😍

  10. Joanne P

    Joanne PPred 14 urami

    I guess I barrack for Mclaren now.

  11. Helpfulbandit

    HelpfulbanditPred 14 urami

    McLaren seems like the friendliest team out there. Really caring group of people. This video made me like them even more.

  12. Nikole Javier

    Nikole JavierPred 14 urami

    Just let them be friends on their own terms! Missed the MCL Unboxed 🧡 HAHAAHA I just heard Lando say, "thumbs up! thumbs up!" like Daniel's nephew

  13. sujit sarkar

    sujit sarkarPred 14 urami

    Denial is happy

  14. Jem

    JemPred 14 urami

    Vibes are good, I'm excited!

  15. Torstein

    TorsteinPred 14 urami

    It good to see ric wearing a mask that fits him

  16. Glenn Hughes

    Glenn HughesPred 15 urami

    Give lando time people to warm to daniel, it's a bit like dating to soon after your partner left u

  17. Nailed it.

    Nailed it.Pred 15 urami

    17:06 Alonso's race engineer back in Ferrari.

  18. Jack Stein

    Jack SteinPred 15 urami

    Anyone notice his license plate? DR3 MCL

  19. John Patrick Lim

    John Patrick LimPred 15 urami

    will Daniel bet on a tattoo with Lando...?

  20. muhammad nabil

    muhammad nabilPred 15 urami

    GG Mclaren

  21. Grant Bowker-Bell

    Grant Bowker-BellPred 15 urami

    McLaren, please fix the audio in these unboxed videos. The dialogue can hardly be heard and other sounds are way too loud. Makes it frustrating to watch

  22. staggerbag

    staggerbagPred 15 urami


  23. Ninja Tortoise

    Ninja TortoisePred 15 urami

    McLaren go Vrum

  24. JR Arcelo

    JR ArceloPred 15 urami

    12:09 "Thumbs up, thumbs up!" Looks like Lando is slowly turning into Daniel's little nephew

  25. Elouan .LC

    Elouan .LCPred 15 urami

    the car sounds mean

  26. Mahoyage

    MahoyagePred 15 urami

    I would say good luck but it looks like the other teams might need the luck more than you. you got this!

  27. Buse Boskurt

    Buse BoskurtPred 15 urami

    What an awesome building!!

  28. Hasna Syaoqi

    Hasna SyaoqiPred 15 urami

    They're both has an Amazing Smile tho'😄 Look at That😀

  29. Febbricate

    FebbricatePred 15 urami

    Daddy zac with his sons

  30. James Harrison

    James HarrisonPred 15 urami

    Is it just me or is the audio mixing on this video awful? Had my TV on 70 volume and couldn’t hear a thing...

  31. puia hnamte

    puia hnamtePred 15 urami

    its louderrr

  32. Olde Codger

    Olde CodgerPred 15 urami

    Looks like one of the engineers noticed Daniel "hacksawing" back and forth on the steering and thought there might have been a problem with the car. I've noticed Daniel doing that at the start of races in previous seasons and always wondered if it was due to nerves or if it was a tire warming thing.

  33. Igor Paulinelli

    Igor PaulinelliPred 15 urami

    Lower audio

  34. Paul Tsang

    Paul TsangPred 15 urami

    11:27 he will still need those velcro to stick to the seat

  35. Floriaisabella

    FloriaisabellaPred 15 urami

    Love to see Danny Ric happy with his new team!! Team Papaya 🧡🧡🧡 Get it girl!!! 🍯🦡

  36. Lana Romero

    Lana RomeroPred 15 urami

    Might be overthinking but it looks like lando is trying to do some little mind game like schumacher did to nico rosberg but come on lol daniel has been through much crazier environment you need to chill lando

  37. MetalCave420

    MetalCave420Pred 15 urami

    At 7:35 what brand of drill is that?

  38. Jose Labarthe

    Jose LabarthePred 15 urami

    10:19 Wow that camera angle and stabilization. If we could get this angle with this quality live during race day, it would be unbeleivable. One of the few angles where you can actually appreciate the speed these guys are driving at

  39. Eduardo .Monares

    Eduardo .MonaresPred 16 urami

    I miss Carlos.

  40. Isaac Gonzalez

    Isaac GonzalezPred 16 urami

    I was waiting to appear Carlos each frame of the video.

  41. vivek venkatesh

    vivek venkateshPred 16 urami

    Year of the. McLarens. Hoping to see a good challenge from them. Hamilton( Merc ) is having it easy over the last many years. Not very good for the sport.

  42. wujek

    wujekPred 16 urami

    i hope they get a double podium, a shoey maybe?

  43. nathania adara

    nathania adaraPred 16 urami

    It is hard for me to understand daniel after get used to carlos clear pronunciation with his spanish accent 😣

  44. Michael Porter

    Michael PorterPred 16 urami

    The shot at 10:30 with the spray really gives a good impression at how fast these cars corner. Wow.

  45. Máquina de Tempo

    Máquina de TempoPred 16 urami

    What a feeling

  46. ruan

    ruanPred 16 urami

    Bwuh bwuh bwwuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!

  47. Áron

    ÁronPred 16 urami

    I like Daniel but it hurts that he still didn't realize what that symbol means on his helmet. As a Hungarian ethnic jew it hurts because Im a huge McLaren fan but I can't support a team whose driver wears a symbol that when my grandmother saw for the last time it was also the last time she saw her parents. That is the symbol of the former Nyilas the Hungarian nazi execution squad from the second world war. Wearing this symbol in public (even at a private property if people can see it) is banned in Hungary by law.

  48. Mike Druce

    Mike DrucePred 16 urami

    #3...#4. Daniel 3rd in points this year, Lando 4th in points?

  49. Mu'afa Verstappen

    Mu'afa VerstappenPred 16 urami

    "Byee uncle Daniel"

  50. Luper

    LuperPred 16 urami

    Exciting season, already rooting for five different teams!

  51. Ross Baillie

    Ross BailliePred 16 urami

    1:15 the op left of the screen says Monday at 10am but on landos phone it says 11:12am 🤔🤔

  52. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst MusicianPred 16 urami

    I wonder if all the masks come off as soon as they turn the cameras off 🤔

  53. Joe Topping

    Joe ToppingPred 16 urami

    14:20 :)

  54. ammanche65

    ammanche65Pred 16 urami

    I miss Carlos already

  55. Archie Wood

    Archie WoodPred 16 urami

    3:38 OMG I made it jamble_wamble “you sure you are aloud to do this” so happy!!

  56. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst MusicianPred 16 urami

    Sorry...not sorry 😂

  57. Blame

    BlamePred 16 urami

    Are these facemasks new or are they still using the same brand? It would be a bad look for teams and drivers still promoting very ineffective and faulty facemasks.

  58. axis Villena

    axis VillenaPred 16 urami

    4:48 Meanwhile in Baku 2019

  59. Andy Botchey

    Andy BotcheyPred 16 urami

    McLaren need to keep this pairing

  60. flery flower

    flery flowerPred 16 urami

    En españolll

  61. flery flower

    flery flowerPred 16 urami

    In spanish plisa

  62. François Thomas

    François ThomasPred 16 urami

    You can feel Lando misses his older brother Carlos, no attention given to Daniel, at all😭

  63. Louis Green

    Louis GreenPred 16 urami

    Where can I find those winter hats? They're so nice

  64. Chris Fleming

    Chris FlemingPred 16 urami

    Dan ric is a super chap but will never win a title because he has the wrong mindset.

  65. Federico L. Baltazar III

    Federico L. Baltazar IIIPred 16 urami

    Mclaren with Mercedes engines MCL35M Mclaren with Renault engines MCL35R

  66. haris a.n.

    haris a.n.Pred 16 urami

    12:39 Danny Ric legend laugh in front of Lando and Zak.

  67. Ghost Fire

    Ghost FirePred 16 urami

    12K Likes and only 33 Dislikes. That's how you know we love this driver line-up. I can't wait for the season to start.

  68. Angela Sundt

    Angela SundtPred 17 urami

    Oh Zak get ready to kiss one of your cars goodbye!

  69. Joe Neab

    Joe NeabPred 17 urami

    4:27 that sound Daniel made sounds like that Bo guy off superstore lol 😂

  70. Conor Haines

    Conor HainesPred 17 urami

    I live for these videos please dont stop making them

  71. hungrry

    hungrryPred 17 urami

    I see Daniel, I click.

  72. haris a.n.

    haris a.n.Pred 17 urami

    Danny Ric makes people laugh in this video.

  73. Bobby Bonilla Bobcat

    Bobby Bonilla BobcatPred 17 urami

    I feel like Lando isn't vibing with Daniel that much

  74. longfinger

    longfingerPred 17 urami

    I'm so happy that un-boxed is back! Cheers everyone! Best of luck this season!!!!

  75. mitchtavio

    mitchtavioPred 17 urami

    The MTC is just so cool. Not even Merc / Ferrari have something as cool.

  76. broughy23

    broughy23Pred 17 urami

    This kinda proves that Lando and Daniel don't dislike each other. People need to stop that narrative. They are just getting to know each other and could end up being really good friends like Carlos and Lando

  77. Andi S

    Andi SPred 17 urami

    They have Mercedes engine, so they can compete with Mercedes for sure.

  78. dsamp

    dsampPred 17 urami

    Love the team and content, but man can we beef up the microphone/audio. Super lite in this vid

  79. Awesom-O

    Awesom-OPred 17 urami

    Lando "i just hope my internets good" Norris

  80. OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh

    OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice OhPred 17 urami

    0:38 one quirk that doug demuro doesn't need to go over now