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  1. Jestem Soba

    Jestem SobaPred 14 urami

    Why they didn't evacuate if there was fire? Why did the engine explode?

  2. Leonardo Silver

    Leonardo SilverPred 14 urami

    First Officer Joe (NOT a Captain) here believes he is an expert LMFAO😆🤣

  3. Don Juan

    Don JuanPred 14 urami

    I don't know about any checklist.. I would just check to see if i dropped some mud!

  4. john craig

    john craigPred 14 urami

    Great video my friend! Thank you

  5. thebeaz1

    thebeaz1Pred 14 urami

    1,000 comedians out of work and we get stuck with you losers.

  6. James Dean

    James DeanPred 14 urami

    I recall my first time with a brand new pair of polarized prescription sunglasses. I had packed my regular prescription glasses in my luggage. Arrived in Atlanta and had to connect with another flight. All the displays were black. I must have looked a sight as I held my glasses at a 90 degree to see the boards..

  7. Saratoga Industries Inc.

    Saratoga Industries Inc.Pred 14 urami

    Why wasn't it a 'Pan Pan' call rather than a 'Mayday'?

  8. Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet Squadron

    Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet SquadronPred 14 urami

    People underestimate the power of communication

  9. Bonjovi AE

    Bonjovi AEPred 14 urami

    The real takeaway, B777 can really land with only one engine, even with full passengers on board.

  10. Adrian Iniguez

    Adrian IniguezPred 14 urami

    Gotta give love to the pilots man 💪🏼 nerves of steel!

  11. Dwaine 5836

    Dwaine 5836Pred 14 urami

    They Didn't say how many people on board or how much fuel

  12. bigloo75

    bigloo75Pred 14 urami

    Aha! Is that why Left-turn Pattern Traffic is considered standard on aviation charts 🤔

  13. Frederiksted St. Croix

    Frederiksted St. CroixPred 14 urami

    47 hours???????????????

  14. Preston

    PrestonPred 14 urami

    Bright Side Watching This Video: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN

  15. Afro Samurai

    Afro SamuraiPred 14 urami

    Counterfeit parts from China got into the inventory...

  16. Car Ander

    Car AnderPred 14 urami

    Why is it always so hard to understand what comes through the radio?

  17. Rafael Benav

    Rafael BenavPred 14 urami

    Captain Joe "GIVEAWAY BAG"

  18. Rafael Benav

    Rafael BenavPred 14 urami

    Nearly 70k likess cap!!

  19. God'sNotDead 00

    God'sNotDead 00Pred 14 urami

    The 694 thumbs down is the E-tardy human beings that don't respect this Captain explanations. They are either Aliens invasion on earth or just a bunch of you know what...

  20. Nick G

    Nick GPred 14 urami

    Wow, 20yrs in the Navy and didn't know this :-)

  21. Stand User Leon

    Stand User LeonPred 15 urami

    *Engine parts fall on yard* “Ay bro watch yo jet”

  22. Christian Maddy

    Christian MaddyPred 15 urami

    FYI: Broomfield. Bloomfield is in Connecticut. Video is great.

  23. Shayne T. Pendrick

    Shayne T. PendrickPred 15 urami

    I stand by what I said earlier and if any I get any ridicule, it will be reported. You calling yourself "Captain" Joe is false advertising and falsely representing your current position as a pilot. You wear the three stripes of a First Officer. One of your compatriots who has another channel, not sure if you even know of him, Mentour Pilot IS in fact a bona fide four stripe captain of his airline, on Boeing 737s if I recall correctly. I've reported your channel for the false information in your channel name.

  24. Aiden G

    Aiden GPred 15 urami

    Boeing has always and will continue to get billions of our tax dollars every year to kill people overseas. Nothing new to see here

  25. Neftali Asch

    Neftali AschPred 15 urami


  26. freesia F

    freesia FPred 15 urami

    pilots prob have sucky personalities.

  27. John Rettig

    John RettigPred 15 urami

    I'll Walk .

  28. freesia F

    freesia FPred 15 urami

    you dont have ppl of color as pilots? flight attendants? b/c they're not shown.

  29. a nu start

    a nu startPred 15 urami

    Why is your voice talk like that.?

  30. Tonio Yendis

    Tonio YendisPred 15 urami

    So glad this didn't happen while over the ocean!

  31. Miguel Mota

    Miguel MotaPred 15 urami

    This guy makes airplanes and being a pilot interesting as heck. I always feel like wanting to become a pilot after watching his videos lol

  32. Ken Kramer

    Ken KramerPred 15 urami

    Superb analysis of the incident so well delivered.

  33. Joey J

    Joey JPred 15 urami

    Ok I’ve watched enough of your vids..someone gimme a plane! LET DO THIS!

  34. Leonard Laing

    Leonard LaingPred 15 urami

    Koodos to all involved. I’m sure there was some serious applause when that thing touched down. I wonder if anyone actually caught the next flight out to Hawaii.

  35. Boxersteavee

    BoxersteaveePred 15 urami

    Rip audio quality

  36. Aiden G

    Aiden GPred 15 urami

    Airbus planes are more comfortable to ride in

  37. R4P70R

    R4P70RPred 15 urami

    What about the engineers who designed the engine?

  38. XxFahimxX

    XxFahimxXPred 15 urami


  39. Boomcrafter_HD

    Boomcrafter_HDPred 15 urami

    8:13 is duesseldorf airport

  40. TheCledis

    TheCledisPred 15 urami

    seems unnecessary but I guess it's the ultimate CYA for the airport

  41. OverRide

    OverRidePred 15 urami

    Jesus Fking Christ, why after so many videos, none of them can't have volume level normalized/set the proper way. This talking with volume below the average and intro in the next second, twice as loud is annoying AF. Like you don't even bother to check and watch edited footage before rendering/uploading to YT... :/ Really, I don't understand...

  42. Bill Milosz

    Bill MiloszPred 15 urami

    A plane is just a machine, and machines can break. Lots of redundancy and contingency; add to this highly trained, experienced and skilled crew and you get a perfect landing from a broken plane. Three cheers for the crew!

  43. Eugene Willsey

    Eugene WillseyPred 15 urami

    Blue Blockers Good or Bad for flying??

  44. Fatima Beenish

    Fatima BeenishPred 15 urami

    Best exploitation👍👍

  45. Yung Norek

    Yung NorekPred 15 urami

    everyone lets respect the pilots that landed that plane i mean imagine that happens to you the stress and pressure to land the plane just amazing all my respect goes to the tower pilots and cabin crew who kept calm and saved the flight

  46. Fish Hawk

    Fish HawkPred 15 urami

    great video and analysis.

  47. Caleb Craig

    Caleb CraigPred 15 urami

    let me have a girlfriend

  48. NelliNightshade

    NelliNightshadePred 15 urami

    fascinating. saw this on the news... eep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Richard Lahan

    Richard LahanPred 15 urami

    I noticed this when I was wearing polarized glasses at the gas station and couldn't see the digital readout on the pump.

  50. William

    WilliamPred 15 urami

    No matter what improvements Boeing makes, the fact remains this design is inherently flawed. I will not get on one of these planes. Corporate greed on full display here.

  51. Beer

    BeerPred 15 urami

    Nothing but respect for the pilot and ATC.

  52. Andrew Watson

    Andrew WatsonPred 15 urami

    @2:15 That isn't an ultralight, it's a PZL Wilga. Empty weight is around 900 kgs, and a gross weight around 1,300 kgs. Not that it really matters in the greater scheme of things--it's a good example of wake turbulence.

  53. Matt Weber

    Matt WeberPred 15 urami

    Interesting how far back this goes.

  54. Eddy Riley

    Eddy RileyPred 15 urami

    the wait until...syndrome created "bridging"which turned out to be a pilot"myth"that killed many.get rid of the ice with rapid cycle ice boots was the solution.correction needed.

  55. Jeffery Watts

    Jeffery WattsPred 16 urami

    Passenger: How far can we make it with only 1 engine? Me: All the way to the scene of the crash 😂😂😂😂😂

  56. uzgaar khan

    uzgaar khanPred 16 urami

    Ahoy captain !

  57. Mada F. Jones

    Mada F. JonesPred 16 urami

    so we still get same "out of the balance" plane/engine design - which defies flight physics. but we do have a new software. and pilot needs to be trained to fight against mistakes that software makes. amazing, seems like logical and non-profit decision once again.

  58. daves1412

    daves1412Pred 16 urami

    Great commentary. No single points of decision / failure should be allowed - including in humans. Teams are far more effective than individuals too.

  59. Vagabondo5591

    Vagabondo5591Pred 16 urami

    I have enjoyed air travel for more than 60+ years; much of it on Boeing aircraft and never had any concerns. The MAX fiasco has left me with a sour taste not with the professionalism of aircrews; but with the professionalism of the top echelon management board; and will never travel on a "MAX" even if it has been re-certified. Thank you for this clear and concise explanation and what has been done to resolve the issue; although it will never change my mind with respect to this aircraft type and those behind it.

  60. Henry Harden

    Henry HardenPred 16 urami

    POV: you say this from daily dose of internet

  61. Cesar Reategui

    Cesar ReateguiPred 16 urami

    You should have an online pilot training course!!

  62. Mark Wulffert

    Mark WulffertPred 16 urami

    This is why I will NEVER fly on a plane that is fully automated or remote-controlled (no pilot).

  63. Mike N

    Mike NPred 16 urami

    Hey Joe, could you do more breakdowns of emergency procedures? I would like to know how you as a 747 pilot would approach a situation like Northwest 85.

  64. Eric Cable

    Eric CablePred 16 urami

    Well, if he was fueled from DEN to HNL then you know he was heavy when he landed. Also... my God... imagine if this engine failure had happened between LAX and HNL over the Pacific somewhere.

  65. Greg Sullivan

    Greg SullivanPred 16 urami

    47 hour flight to Honolulu? I doubt it!

  66. Mauricio Molina

    Mauricio MolinaPred 16 urami

    Great Job Captain Joe! Thank you for sharing this content with great professionalism.

  67. Mark Wulffert

    Mark WulffertPred 16 urami

    Two comments, the failure was contained (just the cowling fell off), Two. It was an oil fire , NOT a fuel fire.

  68. Ade' Big Lazy Wolf

    Ade' Big Lazy WolfPred 16 urami

    If you ask was clearly Ice Crystals...

  69. John

    JohnPred 16 urami

    Please have ground emergency personal bring lots of toilet paper for the passengers.

  70. Dave Halpern

    Dave HalpernPred 16 urami

    What does the word "heavy" mean in the context used by pilot and ATC?

  71. jbszee

    jbszeePred 16 urami

    Are the Checklists hardcopy? How are they stored and accessed? What are consequences of overweight landing?

  72. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle ThompsonPred 16 urami

    Captain Joe is a First Officer 😬😬😬

  73. Flight 2020

    Flight 2020Pred 16 urami

    Nice video Captain Joe I hope this video reaches 70,000 likes

  74. Cesar Reategui

    Cesar ReateguiPred 16 urami

    Great video! keep the good work! Danke vielmals!!

  75. guitar player

    guitar playerPred 16 urami

    team work.. their is no i in boeing

  76. Allan

    AllanPred 16 urami

    Interesting video

  77. Michel Brahim

    Michel BrahimPred 16 urami

    Hello captain Joe! Could you please explain what is this long rope attached on the top of the rudder with a kind of wellington ball on the end, specially when the plain is landing, Thank you in advance

  78. Mike Whitfield

    Mike WhitfieldPred 16 urami

    Fantastic professional explanation, thanks Cpt. Joe. I am eternally grateful to pilots and crew for safe travel - I make a point of thanking them after every flight.