1. JN 1213

    JN 1213Pred uro

    Wilder is like what is there to talk I put you on your ass the 1st fight you did the same the 2nd let’s get this 3rd

  2. Francis Carb

    Francis CarbPred uro

    Who thinks Wilder didn't improve his left hand strikeing? If you do you're stupid. Have a great day.

  3. Slovakman23

    Slovakman23Pred uro

    Everyone in the room is Boss until Putin arrives, and McGregor thinks he's even bigger until a Russian president's protection agent (trained in Spetsnaz) says - "Um, no, no, no, Blyat." 😎... Conor understood, but slowly. Agent Khabib 47 🐱‍👤 will complete the lesson later. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. labgeeathlete

    labgeeathletePred uro

    We need to see masvidal Covington

  5. RAP95-BOX-HD

    RAP95-BOX-HDPred uro

    I love how Wilder fans are 🤫

  6. Aykut Sahin

    Aykut SahinPred uro

    Wilder looking

  7. Luke

    LukePred uro

    Masvidal OG

  8. dj7909dj

    dj7909djPred uro

    Tell me you don't want to fight chaos Covington and Leon Edwards without saying it

  9. Densema

    DensemaPred uro

    Fury looks like a drunken british tourist on Mallorca

  10. Derrick Cooper

    Derrick CooperPred uro

    I get that Deontay is focused, but you gotta promote the fight to keep this dying sport alive!

  11. Sean Vickers

    Sean VickersPred uro

    What the hell is Wilder gonna say when Fury beats him again? I swear the delusional excuses are just gonna get wilder

  12. DaveKraft400

    DaveKraft400Pred uro

    Fury just tryna get through this circus so he can get down to business with AJ.

  13. Simo Harjane

    Simo HarjanePred uro

    Love this guy ! Such a character

  14. obiwanfx

    obiwanfxPred uro

    but nate can only count to five

  15. Nicholas Kane

    Nicholas KanePred uro

    Them earphones are protecting his bust eardrums still

  16. Putu Bayu

    Putu BayuPred uro

    You just talk too much,. Even you guys just ordinary people that eat mcdonald, what a fvcking clown

  17. Nemer Velasquez

    Nemer VelasquezPred uro

    Fury’s been living in Deontay’s head. He’s using the headphones to keep from hearing the truths Fury is speaking.

  18. TK 421

    TK 421Pred uro

    that fake 1 trick pony cant even look or talk 2 Tyson let alone beat him! lol like the champ said he's doin it 4 the wrong reasons. fury rnd 5✌

  19. O'tkir Fizika

    O'tkir FizikaPred uro


  20. Frank Jessee

    Frank JesseePred uro

    Why is Masvidal being treated like Conor McGregor. He is just a average fighter. Almost more losses than wins. He will never be champ ever!

  21. Joseph Schmizzo

    Joseph SchmizzoPred uro

    If Tyson Fury’s 6’9” then everybody else in the world has been gaslit into believing that theyre 3-4 inches shorter than they actually are.

  22. Dwayne Parker

    Dwayne ParkerPred uro

    It gets no Tougher than a Agg felony!!!

  23. alejandro allen

    alejandro allenPred uro

    Wait wait wait holllup whaaaastttt??

  24. Mann ki Bakwaas

    Mann ki BakwaasPred uro

    Do they look heavyweights?

  25. Puyear Prod.

    Puyear Prod.Pred uro

    How many times is he going to lose before they stop letting him demand a top 5 opponent

  26. greengiantolly

    greengiantollyPred 2 urami

    leon vs jorge only fight to make next. end of.

  27. david De Ridder

    david De RidderPred 2 urami

    Tyson fury is a legend gotta love the gipsy king

  28. Aleksander Tsankov

    Aleksander TsankovPred 2 urami

    That charcoal briquette canceled the fight between Fury and Joshua only to be silent to the press conference and to be beaten 3x times in a row..

  29. ronburgindee

    ronburgindeePred 2 urami

    Hahahahahah thats quality 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Dynomilofitness

    DynomilofitnessPred 2 urami

    Check out my proper twelve pull up video i made 🇮🇪

  31. Craig Thomas

    Craig ThomasPred 2 urami

    Imo. Wilder is only having this fight to stay relevant. This isn't the fight the people want fury vs Joshua is what everyone wants see. Wilder has drew an lost to fury but imo lost both times. He's just in it cus he knows he he has to now as this is his last throw of the dice. Lose an he won't get a shot of the winner between fury vs Joshua. He pisses me off that we have to go through this fight rather than see what we want just because this prick can't accept he lost. What excuses is he going to come up with after this loss.

  32. robert dawood

    robert dawoodPred 2 urami

    You know wilder doesn’t want Tyson to get in his head so he is listening to music… that a sign of mental weakness lol

  33. Brother Rabbit

    Brother RabbitPred 2 urami

    Johnny two times: "I'm gonna get the papers, get the papers"

  34. Denis Tremblay

    Denis TremblayPred 2 urami

    Totally agree with Jorge, Leon got insane skill but no killer instinct.

  35. Gordon Rex

    Gordon RexPred 2 urami

    Seo ray can’t spar verbally with Fury. 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Byron Daimon

    Byron DaimonPred 2 urami

    wylder looks nervous

  37. sweetwillie johnson

    sweetwillie johnsonPred 2 urami

    I think we gonna see a much different fighter in Wilder this 3rd fight I'm looking for Wilder to knock out fury this time for sure notice how Wilder never said a word in the stare down his dead serious for this fight and has Alot to prove to redeem his seft from the 2nd fight

  38. hank spooner

    hank spoonerPred 2 urami

    You're right I agree I don't think Leon is that great however, you can't beat a guy that is beatable either. The problem is there is no real talent in your current division this is why we have Usman at the top of the heap.

  39. William Cooley

    William CooleyPred 2 urami

    Damn what happens to Wilder when he loses again?

  40. Mr. P

    Mr. PPred 2 urami

    And just like that MMA is watered down. Everyone trying to build a league just off name. Charles Bennett? LMAO shit is so cringe

  41. Ezeahia

    EzeahiaPred 2 urami

    Tyson Fury is still standing there...till this day!!

  42. Jacques Schoombee

    Jacques SchoombeePred 2 urami

    Wearing the headphones just to keep Fury out his head. Such a bitch

  43. Dias Souza

    Dias SouzaPred 2 urami

    LLJ не был использован: Лобов был милосерден к сопернику. Этот пожиратель галактик просто разминался перед боем с Берды Бердыевым, который будет проходить на другом концу Вселенной

  44. James Bond

    James BondPred 2 urami

    You said usman wasn’t mean either tho.💯

  45. garrett beamish

    garrett beamishPred 2 urami

    No way Covington would fight Jorge when he’s got Usman and a title shot, Leon and Masvidal is the fight to make and Edwards will take the W unless Jorge gets an early KO

  46. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel WilsonPred 2 urami

    Who's the moron saying 2 time? Is he referring to Deontay getting banged twice?

  47. syndrome

    syndromePred 2 urami

    Wilders' still a cock then. Wonder what his excuses are going to be when he wakes up

  48. Mr. Sma

    Mr. SmaPred 2 urami

    Moreso what’s in the Ocala water 😂 Salute to my home team Charles Bennett.

  49. WatchMMAn, The Cherub Of Justice

    WatchMMAn, The Cherub Of JusticePred 2 urami

    LoL I love the black vs white dynamic in this fight. I see so many racially heated debates about this series of scraps. It can get sad but usually it's amusing. Personally I'm a white American and I'm a fan of both men. Ive really enjoyed this pairing. My only question is if Wilder sleeps Fury are we going to get 4? At that point they would be 1-1-draw so we could very well get this one more time after July

  50. NickG Est91

    NickG Est91Pred 2 urami

    Holy shit Krazy Horse has returned

  51. Roward Austria

    Roward AustriaPred 2 urami

    Tyson and Wilder be like: Let our bodyguards do the trash talking. We’re not in mood.

  52. mr smith

    mr smithPred 2 urami

    Mans weak. Doesn’t even have the balls to acknowledge Fury let alone beat him in a fight.

  53. Lst Lvl

    Lst LvlPred 2 urami

    Ngl I thought DW was LBJ for a sec

  54. Ryan Evong

    Ryan EvongPred 2 urami

    Knight NOT phased, that he might get his full blown aids

  55. Steelo Wave

    Steelo WavePred 2 urami

    They’re just milking it at this point. Wilder is doing whatever it takes to become relevant again🤦🏻‍♂️It’s gonna be the same outcome🤷‍♂️

  56. John Bones

    John BonesPred 2 urami

    Coward Deontay wearing headphones so he can hide from Fury’s mind

  57. Owen Johnrose

    Owen JohnrosePred 2 urami

    Tyson roasted the fuck out of malik 🤣

  58. raj boss

    raj bossPred 2 urami

    Yeah Kelvin shud do 170..he can knock most of them out.

  59. Metz Jnr

    Metz JnrPred 2 urami

    He hates the fact he finally has to face the man he sucker punched for a bit of fame. Jorge is getting beat like scrambled eggs. F🔥ck a 3 piece. Brum TOWN 🔥👊

  60. Randall Trantham

    Randall TranthamPred 2 urami

    anyone CAN have a bad day and DW may have been not up to par; I would like to think as well as hope that DW gives a better run. Not a TF hater, and TF did get the better. I watched the fight here in Thailand on the Sunday morning if memory serves. Just wanna see a good fight. Shame the mouthing when "security" moves in; immature as F

  61. AYouTubehero 19

    AYouTubehero 19Pred 2 urami

    This organization is not gonna last long

  62. o0Mr Robot0o

    o0Mr Robot0oPred 2 urami

    Jorge scared asf of what Leon gonna do to him for them cheap shots he hit him with a while back. That's why he trying to launch this backyard bargain fighting league LMAO! Usman put the fear of God in this poor simpleton haha!

  63. Cylance 5H4P35H1FTR

    Cylance 5H4P35H1FTRPred 2 urami

    I know that's not what counts... but I so wished to see Tyson a touch more bulky & shredded.... Anyway - hopefully nuff to rock Wilder even wilder‼️ ✊💥

  64. The Hailey and kassidy show

    The Hailey and kassidy showPred 2 urami

    Wilder definitely gor bigger

  65. János Tamási

    János TamásiPred 2 urami

    Dragon Ball stare downs are short compared to this

  66. Soloman 5k

    Soloman 5kPred 2 urami

    Such a happy guy. And isn't good to see someone being genuinely very happy. Like Oliveira too. Just an amazing thing to see

  67. Jose Dias

    Jose DiasPred 2 urami

    McDonald's body

  68. michael rodriguez

    michael rodriguezPred 2 urami

    Krazy horse is the fucken best this is a hell of a main

  69. Broken Dreams

    Broken DreamsPred 2 urami

    Bum squad

  70. Julian Castaneda

    Julian CastanedaPred 2 urami

    Wilder is not playing

  71. Michael Ray

    Michael RayPred 2 urami

    Crazy horse has old man strength fuck no I'm not fighting that crazy ass


    BOOMSQUAD HNSPred 2 urami


  73. Michael Ray

    Michael RayPred 2 urami

    Lol that's disgusting


    LONE WOLFPred 2 urami

    Jorge masvidal had so many fans and ever since he got knocked out all his fans disappeared damn

  75. Virexium

    VirexiumPred 2 urami

    Idk whos more irritating...the people who shouted bomb squad or the one who kept saying 2 time.

  76. Charley Brown

    Charley BrownPred 2 urami

    Charles was gifted goes to show when your life style and work ethic ruins a a great career

  77. Cool Breeze

    Cool BreezePred 2 urami

    Deontay about to get destroyed worse than the first fight 😆