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Everyday Astronaut

Rocket science. A term we all use to describe something incredibly difficult. Trying to grasp all of the concepts involved in rocket science can be incredibly intimidating.

My name’s Tim Dodd but I'm better known as the Everyday Astronaut. Recently I fell head over heals in love with spaceflight. My appreciation and curiosity for the subject grew into an obsession. Before you knew it, all I wanted to do was learn more and more. And the more I learned, the more I wanted to share what was making me so excited.

But as someone who dropped out of college and has no technical background or degree… I really felt unqualified for the job of explaining rocket science to anyone. But the fact of the matter is, if I can learn this stuff, anyone can.

Rocket science is awesome, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be excited.

Everyday Astronaut. Bringing space down to Earth for everyday people.


    JACOB HARMONPred dnevom

    "Rockets are hard"

  2. domsau2

    domsau2Pred dnevom

    14:04 At the surface!

  3. Terry Reeder

    Terry ReederPred dnevom

    They ran out of toes.

  4. Timothy Kozlof

    Timothy KozlofPred dnevom

    Right after Maco, you can see stage 2 ignite and flail out of control, looks like it was trying to compensate direction or something shifted in the payload or could even of been a positioning thruster stuck on or one not coming on at all. that sucks but it happens.

  5. Paul Imisi

    Paul ImisiPred dnevom

    Aww. Quite sad for them. After all that hard work. They’ll make it perfect someday just like SpaceX.

  6. John Doepker

    John DoepkerPred dnevom

    If launching orbital class rockets was easy... everyone would be doing it....best of luck next time RocketLab!!!

  7. Jurassic Coasting

    Jurassic CoastingPred dnevom

    You need to use everything you have, and create a proper documentary. 👌


    FLUFFSTARPred dnevom

    Glad this one autoplayed again, seems I didn’t like it the first two times I watched it

  9. Ryan Hamstra

    Ryan HamstraPred dnevom

    You should revisit this now that 1051 has hit 10 flights!

  10. David

    DavidPred dnevom

    Useless company, look how much worse they are than SpaceX. A much, much less complex mission and even then they can't land the rocket. SpaceX could do a much more difficult mission than this in their sleep, and yet Rocket Lab have completely failed. Pretty sad if you ask me.

  11. avronaut

    avronautPred dnevom

    Best Rocket Audio ever!

  12. Joram Gatua

    Joram GatuaPred dnevom

    This is deep content. Very informative

  13. Myles Powers

    Myles PowersPred dnevom

    We don’t need to listen to you sigh Tim.

  14. James Hisself

    James HisselfPred dnevom

    Wow, great audio at launch. Gutted about the second stage. Curious, wouldn't a termination of the second stage still result in down range debris raining down on the first stage recovery? Smaller parts of course, but same ballistics more or less. Different trajectories for different densities and aerodynamics, but still an area of danger.

  15. Rage Boy

    Rage BoyPred dnevom

    lol y is this on trending for gaming

  16. Ian MacLean

    Ian MacLeanPred dnevom

    This was confusing. I spent 20 minutes guessing about how they would reuse engines that have been soaked in saltwater. It took quite a while to find the right video explaining the helicopter parachute recovery. I was unfamiliar with rocket lab

  17. Ad Astra per Aspera

    Ad Astra per AsperaPred dnevom

    I got here by accident, but I been listening while working on a film project. Good talk/discussions @EverydayAstronaut. Thanks for sharing. <--subscribed Have good day be safe all.

  18. anthony ferrante

    anthony ferrantePred dnevom

    sad day

  19. Moot Point

    Moot PointPred dnevom

    Who's here after Electron 20disaster

  20. Arthur Alekseenko

    Arthur AlekseenkoPred dnevom

    I have an impression that there was some fire close to the second stage at the liftoff. Very sorry to RocketLab!

  21. Daniel Blackburn

    Daniel BlackburnPred dnevom

    Most unfortunately this puts the mission in a nutshell 1:35:45

  22. apollo james

    apollo jamesPred dnevom

    Hi Tim just a little feedback . I cancelled my youtube membership. Recently all you do is livestreams (for me, very repetitive and the same thing that 20 other people do). I miss your longform vids. Final straw was wrapping up OLF. In my opinion, you are focussing on the least interesting aspect of your content. I will still subscribe in case you decide to start doing the unique interesting long form stuff that you used to do.

  23. Douglas Bushman

    Douglas BushmanPred dnevom

    Way to go by cutting off live broadcast to review footage 🤣🤣Stay on live feed all the time until broadcast ends and then do your review !!

  24. Cyclone Inc.

    Cyclone Inc.Pred dnevom

    I wake up to the sad anomaly, I send all regards to Rocket lab, Spaceflight is hard, let’s hope they get it next time.

  25. Geoff Blackmore

    Geoff BlackmorePred dnevom

    I saw at least three, possibly four separate specks of light coming down in a big arc across the sky after a red flash occurred, which I assume was the second stage's brief fire. So, we know the first stage came down intact and was recovered, which means the second stage must have broken up (or was destroyed intentionally) as it was in at least two pieces, possibly three, based on what I saw. I'm not sure why each segment was visible though (it's night here). After separation at 72km it continued to about 104km altitude before plummeting, but I don't think that's high enough for the sun to light them up. Also not high enough for re-entry burn? It leaves me thinking it either exploded or was detonated, with the visible light being the burning of each segment.

  26. Jeffrey Bue

    Jeffrey BuePred dnevom

    Sucks that it happened... I keep forgetting how hard space launches are because SpaceX makes it look so routine nowadays.

  27. Mr. Pig

    Mr. PigPred dnevom

    Second time in 20 launches that their 2nd stage failed. One in ten failure rate. Nobody is going to put their payload on that rocket now. Bad, bad, bad!!

  28. Mark Jones

    Mark JonesPred dnevom

    I was watching the payload speed and altitude just after meco. I wondered if that was norminal. Apparently not.

  29. Drew Stevenson

    Drew StevensonPred dnevom

    One day Elon’s going to mount a rocket upside down as a gag on you. Lol.

  30. Mike Beaumont

    Mike BeaumontPred dnevom

    Ooohh yeah baby, gimme some hard telemetry!🤣

  31. TerrenceMattB

    TerrenceMattBPred dnevom

    1,000,000 subs let's GO

  32. Robbie Surfer

    Robbie SurferPred dnevom

    Strange when you see all of the people watching on screens and not talking to each other, they just sit silently

  33. Maria Uzcategui

    Maria UzcateguiPred dnevom

    Electron 1st Stage: Ight Imma Head Out Electron 2nd Stage: *BOOM* Electron 1st Stage: *That was close!*


    MICHAEL STRAWNPred dnevom

    Bummer. Feel bac for the Rocket Lab folks.

  35. Gus Levy

    Gus LevyPred dnevom

    Space is hard, indeed. We are simply lucky to be living in an era where a true wunderkind is making Space, Energy, Transportation, etc. appear to be a simple process of iteration and perfection. It’s not, the US Govt has had difficulties for 5 decades. The Chinese are putting all their might and resources into Space and facing troubles. Russia uses Space as a symbol of their might and appear to be a generation behind. Boeing is still lost somewhere in Space. The wealthiest man in history has not reached orbit in 20yrs.

  36. WatchForIce

    WatchForIcePred dnevom

    It's like watching the History channel compared to watching SpaceX.

  37. Astra

    AstraPred dnevom


  38. Robert Sandri

    Robert SandriPred dnevom

    I hope that the Rocket Lab people understand how terrible we all feel for their loss. I support and cheer on Rocket Lab with the same enthusiasm that I have for SpaceX and for the same reasons: they are both companies made of dreamers and miracle workers that challenge the status quo every day. I have every confidence that Rocket Lab will analyze this launch and correct whatever issues that led to its failure. I have no doubt that Rocket Lab will overcome this setback and continue to provide quality orbital services to the world.

  39. ManiacallyYours

    ManiacallyYoursPred dnevom

    Two losses in a short time. You have to wonder if Rocket Lab will be able to recover from this? Eventually, maybe, but in the short term they won't be flying until they can reassure customers.

  40. Scott Stewart

    Scott StewartPred dnevom

    I think Tim may have had the stages backwards. I think the left screen is the 2nd stage.

  41. Evan Rodgers

    Evan RodgersPred dnevom

    LOL. Maybe they should spend more time on second staging before they eat hats out of vaporware rocket fairings 😂😂😂😂

  42. Planemeld1988

    Planemeld1988Pred dnevom

    Tim is about my age. It's nice to see he's hiring new writers and stuff - he's making a whole deal out of this production, from clever but DIY youtuber to full-on media org. I could see the evolving synergy between Musk and his streams, a few well-placed publicity spots, a few opportunities well-met. It's nice. A true millennial dream. I am excited for them.

  43. Stephen Williams

    Stephen WilliamsPred dnevom

    Hadn’t realised that Beagle 2 had successfully landed on Mars I remember watching the event live all those years back. Colin Pillinger it’s creator sadly would have died a year before it was photographed intact in 2015 what a great shame, fate is a bitch.

  44. zen electric

    zen electricPred dnevom

    Space is hard. Respect to Rocket Lab team.

  45. Per-Einar Dahlen

    Per-Einar DahlenPred dnevom

    I love how Tim admits he lack knowledge in some questions, instead of cramming out some half baked lies/guess like so many others does. The Dunning Kruger effect is weak in this one! Kudos

  46. Captain Daedalus

    Captain DaedalusPred dnevom

    The speed from telemetry showed that the second stage was spinning while under power.

  47. David Noble

    David NoblePred dnevom

    Brain; "Pinky, did you plug in the battery?" Pinky; "Battery?"

  48. Dante Barnes

    Dante BarnesPred dnevom

    Part of the process keep on Truckin brothers

  49. Sluggo

    SluggoPred dnevom

    I want to learn all about nozzle expansion.

  50. kstricl

    kstriclPred dnevom

    And this, boys and girls, is why we practice with hardware only before flesh gets loaded. No lives lost, and they do it better next time.

  51. The Bullock Family

    The Bullock FamilyPred dnevom

    Couldn’t image the stress but def know we’re pulling for them and they’ll def recover from this and continue to make great progress.

  52. SUPERj 850

    SUPERj 850Pred dnevom

    36:16 wasn't there also an Esa landing some time ago?

  53. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks

    Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black SocksPred dnevom

    NASA is the way forward. Private companies are not competent enough to go to the moon. The experience required is WAY higher going to the moon than just to LEO.

  54. timemachinedream

    timemachinedreamPred dnevom

    Someone didn’t get the Black shirt Friday Memo in the Control room

  55. Charlie Brown

    Charlie BrownPred dnevom

    move your labels!!!! velocity and altitude cover - shat

  56. Merk Ridge

    Merk RidgePred dnevom

    Night lights! Great idea!


    POOR MEN ENDUROPred dnevom

    i remember when this came out been watchin awhile man you have came far since lol

  58. A

    APred dnevom


  59. Me Me

    Me MePred dnevom

    Still lacking that SpaceX consistency. Feel really sorry for RL's customers, years of work and lots of money wasted.

  60. Spidey

    SpideyPred dnevom

    1:32:42 lift off

  61. Me Me

    Me MePred dnevom

    will the out of control rocket hit any LEO objects?

  62. Noah Stirrat

    Noah StirratPred dnevom

    it seems they recovered the booster as normal

  63. Phil Hadfield

    Phil HadfieldPred dnevom

    They will learn from this.

  64. Rick Becket

    Rick BecketPred dnevom

    There was lots are sparks in the first stage exhaust. It looked very odd.

  65. HotelPapa100

    HotelPapa100Pred dnevom

    36:55 I'm pretty sure that an unpressurised Starship would collapse like beached whale if you were to lay it horizontal. That would require a quite dense cradle structure to keep its shape stable.

  66. Tranquility Base

    Tranquility BasePred dnevom

    3-D printed engines? Very sad.

  67. TheNewFormat

    TheNewFormatPred dnevom

    Ooops !

  68. Galactic Magma

    Galactic MagmaPred dnevom

    What do you mean air is a fluid? As in it acts like one?

  69. BradiKal61

    BradiKal61Pred dnevom

    Can you flip your Shure microphone over so its not upside down?

  70. Scott Slotterbeck

    Scott SlotterbeckPred dnevom

    Too bad. Ya got to get things into orbit. Recovery of booster is of secondary importance.

  71. iTalk ➊

    iTalk ➊Pred dnevom

    Starship: bye-bye new glenn

  72. Matthew Tandy

    Matthew TandyPred dnevom

    Massive respect Rocket Lab, the mission was a failure but your hard work and great contributions to helping us become a multi planetary species haven't gone unnoticed. This goes for all related companies, we need more like you.

  73. Travis Weide

    Travis WeidePred dnevom

    forgot to put the plug in the ignitor

  74. Markus Obordo

    Markus ObordoPred dnevom

    F in the chat to pay respects to rocket labs upper stage and payload for this mission

  75. MysterEon

    MysterEonPred dnevom

    China is watching this ... fate is cruel .. I hope they can destroy it before it randomly de-orbits.. From playing KSP, this is like when the reaction system and stability are left off by accident , when you haven't sussed staging yet. :/

  76. Tony Romello

    Tony RomelloPred dnevom

    Is there a space insurance? Like do both companies lose money or does rocket lab have to pay their client for the lost property? Also, are there fines from whoever the faa equivalent is there? Almost like a reckless endangerment type fine?

  77. Everyday Smallstronaut

    Everyday SmallstronautPred dnevom

    L O U D

  78. b.griffin317

    b.griffin317Pred dnevom

    Looks like the second stage lit while still too close to the first. Much closer than I've seen for other rockets. Can create interference between stages and send the second off course.

  79. Matt Carriere

    Matt CarrierePred dnevom

    God, I love Kiwi accents.

  80. Marc Moran

    Marc MoranPred dnevom

    Good to hear the first stage made a successful water landing. Something positive came out of this launch.