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  1. Marilyn Bernardez

    Marilyn BernardezPred 18 urami

    Beautiful, love it

  2. D Berd

    D BerdPred 22 urami

    Too bad is means NOTHING to this administration! Hopefully, God will have mercy on them.

  3. Jeanne K

    Jeanne KPred dnevom

    Real cheap move by Ivanka walking in front of them.

  4. cmconley33

    cmconley33Pred dnevom

    I am so glad that President Biden ditched the military flags that backed the desk for T****. Those flags were simultaneously tacky, vaguely threatening, and distracting. There’s something to be said for the simplicity on the national flag, presidential flag, and family photos as a background. The military service flags always seemed to me to be T****’s way of compensating for something and implicitly threatening people.

  5. Savuth Sok

    Savuth SokPred dnevom

    Morissette Amon sings it better (Cover)

  6. George Pole

    George PolePred dnevom

    I have seen a lot of presidential celebrations, this one was so special. It had more meaning, I felt like a part of it, won't forget this one. Andra summed it up perfectly for me.

  7. Cole Eandro

    Cole EandroPred dnevom

    In the end Barr demonstrated his commitment to keep the DOJ as apolitical as possible. The behavior of Democrats in this committee was in clown territory.


    WYATT BUREAUPred dnevom


  9. Archangel Michael

    Archangel MichaelPred dnevom

    We gonna walk it out!!

  10. Janet Gabriel

    Janet GabrielPred dnevom

    What's with the thousand dislikes? This woman's voice is amazing!

  11. Giovanni Bergamini

    Giovanni BergaminiPred dnevom

    Vaiiiiiiiijjjj Americaaaa

  12. Lynn Winn

    Lynn WinnPred dnevom

    has ANYONE wonder why the our USA military are not wearing their metals and ribbons???? its because these people are ALL FRAUDS....NOT ONE PERSON has their metals on...they have put on long coats and only display their strips....go WATCH the video when President Trump had this same parade...ALL METALS,STRIPS ETC on ALL of the military that was involved in the parade...My husband retired from the military and his father retired Lt Col

  13. คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ

    คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบPred dnevom

    I 'm get you we all emotion fail some hurt same i ' m hope feeling energy hit story all of me ' how do you that freedom review i still you all govement Stand by moment for macht 'you all can Stop link contrack tucht in you '

  14. Ssammertime Ssammertime

    Ssammertime SsammertimePred dnevom

    Is it just me or She look so much like Rihanna here

  15. Yasmir Herrera

    Yasmir HerreraPred 2 dnevi


  16. M S

    M SPred 2 dnevi

    The real Joe biden is left handed 🤣😅🤣😅 d a m n f o o l s

  17. Kyle E

    Kyle EPred 2 dnevi

    All of a sudden everybody is Garth Brooks fans

  18. Worker man

    Worker manPred 2 dnevi

    Its about the majority of Americans hating trump and the new Retrumplican party.

  19. Worker man

    Worker manPred 2 dnevi

    Kinda like when your job was to make Obama a one term president. Short memory ass bite.

  20. Irwan Sakti

    Irwan SaktiPred 2 dnevi

    Wide basi subas c desaewe verte Mase WiFi Kartu card Bang indonesia

  21. Crown Uk

    Crown UkPred 2 dnevi

    I wonder what the possibilities are that he gets locked out of the White House. The news is claiming that they have no idea. Usually they have a good story to go with that like the fact that it was Trump's Butler

  22. Emma Mckeithan

    Emma MckeithanPred 2 dnevi

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Kait H

    Kait HPred 2 dnevi

    This is such a wonderful song. Always brings tears to my eyes.

  24. JustMe W

    JustMe WPred 2 dnevi

    Rihanna's sister or? I love her voice.

  25. sweet tangerine

    sweet tangerinePred 3 dnevi

    It is so fake. Fake news is so pathetic.

  26. Jomari Tulabing

    Jomari TulabingPred 3 dnevi

    Credits to the wooh bgv version of Morissette

  27. Beth Brittenbach

    Beth BrittenbachPred 3 dnevi

    We must not look away or be complacent. Keep going. Stay engaged. We must work every day to help those who hate know we are not asking for special just EQUAL. and that has always been the message.

  28. Andrew Herman

    Andrew HermanPred 3 dnevi

    yes, a splendid display of balance of power between executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. & now you know what 6 January was all about.

  29. Scott Young

    Scott YoungPred 3 dnevi

    I think blinked would be OK with us teaching our children and grandchildren to learn Chinese phrases of servitude. How does that sound of the people that actually understood what I just said?

  30. BrodyRichard263

    BrodyRichard263Pred 4 dnevi

    He really feathered this one...livelife365


    DOREEN BOWMANPred 4 dnevi

    Beautiful !

  32. Charles Pilkington

    Charles PilkingtonPred 4 dnevi

    What are they going to do about this mega mob of militant Nazi socialist

  33. Anjelika Tulalian

    Anjelika TulalianPred 4 dnevi

    This is so beautiful!!

  34. James Will

    James WillPred 4 dnevi

    Way to go!! Great singer and he has been there for the people through live performances and this ..very much respect Mr brooks

  35. john mathe

    john mathePred 4 dnevi

    The officer walks in front of Biden Lol.

  36. RDaneyell Tambura

    RDaneyell TamburaPred 5 dnevi

    Andra Day made the day...

  37. Gaz1980

    Gaz1980Pred 5 dnevi

    Poor Mrs Trump had to sit next to Hussein the traitor......

  38. Maria Eduarda

    Maria EduardaPred 5 dnevi


  39. Mustapa uyghur

    Mustapa uyghurPred 5 dnevi

    500 chinese 50 cents

  40. Jack Jones

    Jack JonesPred 5 dnevi

    0:26 Hail Columbia starts

  41. Sheryll Beaty

    Sheryll BeatyPred 5 dnevi

    Attatiana Jefferson was turned into Dallas on 10/8/2021----that was not her home ------they stormed the council --like they were planning to Dallas------------- Jefferson was turned into Dallas /then they ran and got State Rep support in Fort Worth claiming she owned the home ----and was a resident to push the indictment through ------it was not her home -------they went to Fort Worth after Jefferson /and Lee Merrit and 8 others planning it were tuned into the Dallas police / then went to Fort Worth ----------

  42. Sheryll Beaty

    Sheryll BeatyPred 5 dnevi

    they ran and congressmen support claiming the home was Attatianas

  43. Sheryll Beaty

    Sheryll BeatyPred 5 dnevi

    It was not Attatiana Jefferson Home ---they ran and got Congressmen support --she was a Dallas resident that was turned into Dallas police for being online planning retaliation w/others on 10/8/2019--------------------

  44. 12 Monkeys

    12 MonkeysPred 6 dnevi

    God these Democrats are pathetic ,truly despicable with there lies ,after lies ,thank the lord he k ows the truth about the corruption in the DC senate, and only God will decide who the Guilty party is and it's abiously the Demicrats

  45. Billy's Vlogs Channel Billy Lyster Lyster

    Billy's Vlogs Channel Billy Lyster LysterPred 6 dnevi


  46. Enrique Partida

    Enrique PartidaPred 6 dnevi


  47. T Rich

    T RichPred 6 dnevi

    beautiful. good tears yet again!

  48. David Treciak

    David TreciakPred 6 dnevi

    The real Joe Biden is dead. That's Dana Carvey wearing a mask.

  49. Robert

    RobertPred 6 dnevi

    Rhino republicans are going down starting with this asshole

  50. CAUGHT Redhanded

    CAUGHT RedhandedPred 6 dnevi

    Dancing while closing businesses down. Fire her now

  51. Robert Novack

    Robert NovackPred 7 dnevi

    Where's the stimulus help Biden and Pelosi promised the American people? 1400 + 200 + 24000 SSDI/SSI. They promised if they won Georgia they would help the American people.

  52. Hemi Kakariki

    Hemi KakarikiPred 7 dnevi

    Was everyone paid to be their

  53. Kevin Mann

    Kevin MannPred 7 dnevi

    Mike Pence did this for his country, God bless him for it.

  54. megatron29

    megatron29Pred 7 dnevi

    What an absolute moron Biden is. Its just an empty shell standing there. Harris is running the show not Biden. Biden keeps his fireplace going. What a joke America has become.

  55. Dave Barrowcliffe

    Dave BarrowcliffePred 7 dnevi

    The most popular President in US history... Mmmkay...

  56. T W

    T WPred 7 dnevi

    no medals nothing

  57. meow Rockzzz

    meow RockzzzPred 7 dnevi

    Two idiots


    LSU SAINTSPred 8 dnevi


  59. ZemiraMusic

    ZemiraMusicPred 8 dnevi

    She would be great on a collab with Ari lennox

  60. Noonies

    NooniesPred 8 dnevi

    What has this country came to

  61. Tdot321 Action

    Tdot321 ActionPred 8 dnevi

    What a fucking joke! F U Biden!

  62. Ann R

    Ann RPred 8 dnevi

    She's good

  63. Ann R

    Ann RPred 8 dnevi

    Ok so what are you saying??

  64. Iris del Pino

    Iris del PinoPred 8 dnevi

    Congratulation 🇺🇲💝🇺🇲💝🇺🇲💝🇺🇲🌷

  65. DEEP Pakistan

    DEEP PakistanPred 9 dnevi

    Rise up song is great boost up song for me... I get more power listening u diva.. u r marvelous.. Love and respects from Pakistan..

  66. LeeLee141

    LeeLee141Pred 9 dnevi

    She’s amazing 😯❤️

  67. Kyle Millard

    Kyle MillardPred 9 dnevi

    hey, at least he showed up.

  68. keiko iizuka

    keiko iizukaPred 9 dnevi


  69. Rammy Melgar

    Rammy MelgarPred 9 dnevi

    Odd! All actors???

  70. Jonny Granville

    Jonny GranvillePred 9 dnevi

    William Lee Golden has the coolest tree in his yard. A tree carved with his face and beard. I live just a few mins away from his house and fish in the creek by his house.

  71. Elaine

    ElainePred 9 dnevi

    Where are our vaccines? What is taking so long???

  72. Eunice Bryan

    Eunice BryanPred 9 dnevi

    These wicked globalists who don’t mind betraying the loyal American Patriots will surely end up in HELL!

  73. Saniaa Silva

    Saniaa SilvaPred 10 dnevi

    I love you 😍😍😍

  74. Larry Vidaurri

    Larry VidaurriPred 10 dnevi

    wow nice song but what a trader

  75. Vid Da

    Vid DaPred 10 dnevi

    Mr. Biden is a thief. Mr. Biden stole Mr. Trump's vote. biden is a coward.

  76. Vid Da

    Vid DaPred 10 dnevi

    Mr. Biden is a thief. Mr. Biden stole Mr. Trump's vote. biden is a coward.

  77. Mark Tropa

    Mark TropaPred 10 dnevi

    OMG, this was so good.. so emotional performance 😢❤️❤️❤️

  78. shenkie p

    shenkie pPred 10 dnevi

    This woman is a traitor and a liar.

  79. john michaels

    john michaelsPred 10 dnevi

    That isnt the oval office. Thats the set of castle rock. Wtf is going on with this poser in chief? A coup wasn't good enough? He has to take the presidency to Hollywood?

  80. Daniel Griffith

    Daniel GriffithPred 10 dnevi

    Gonna downvote ALL your videos because you turn commenting off.