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  1. Kim Buffton

    Kim BufftonPred 17 urami

    I love 123 go so much

  2. Emilia's Cooking channel

    Emilia's Cooking channelPred 17 urami

    I have a laptop and a ps5

  3. Daniel Pineda

    Daniel PinedaPred 17 urami




    I like this how do you make the lockers

  5. Faith Moses

    Faith MosesPred 18 urami

    Anybody noticed that Madison and Kate look alike like they’re twins

  6. Aisling Humphreys

    Aisling HumphreysPred 18 urami

    Sometimes my sister is annoying

  7. Jillian Lai

    Jillian LaiPred 18 urami

    You are the worst

  8. GearHz

    GearHzPred 18 urami

    wowzee! i cant even express how much i dont give a shit.

  9. MizBrazi

    MizBraziPred 18 urami

    and doctor want all the junk food for theirself.

  10. MizBrazi

    MizBraziPred 18 urami

    they always tell us healthy foods are good for you and you need to exercise and you need to go on a diet. well i got a 2-word answer for you. no.

  11. MizBrazi

    MizBraziPred 18 urami

    doctors suck.

  12. MizBrazi

    MizBraziPred 18 urami

    0:35 fido food feline like garfield

  13. Chelsea Smith

    Chelsea SmithPred 18 urami


  14. Hammond Cheng

    Hammond ChengPred 18 urami


  15. Erick Rios

    Erick RiosPred 18 urami

    🖕 f**k this channel I wish it has 0 subs

  16. Ismael Awala

    Ismael AwalaPred 18 urami

    Fantasticoe beautiful

  17. Mariam Sallam

    Mariam SallamPred 18 urami

    صلى ع النبي

  18. Asma Mobashir

    Asma MobashirPred 18 urami

    I like the soda hack

  19. Mia Santana

    Mia SantanaPred 18 urami

    Hjfyjd jfkf yfkd hkd hkd of kd 👶 jjdkjdq

  20. Shorsh Kader

    Shorsh KaderPred 18 urami

    I have a brother and I best him up

  21. Erick Rios

    Erick RiosPred 18 urami

    At the beginning Billie Eilish is actually Kate but different

  22. David Maloney

    David MaloneyPred 18 urami

    Searching your phone to see on the math test

  23. Randy Raiford

    Randy RaifordPred 18 urami

    I’m not scared of anyone

  24. JCFPRO4785 Minecraft

    JCFPRO4785 MinecraftPred 18 urami


  25. John Stokes

    John StokesPred 19 urami

    I love them chocolate my fav BTW love you videos

  26. Fatumata noba

    Fatumata nobaPred 19 urami

    I feel bad about Kate

  27. Lucy O'Donnell

    Lucy O'DonnellPred 19 urami

    Love your videos

  28. Anantroop Singh

    Anantroop SinghPred 19 urami

    0:39 i can see the cap 😑🙄


    CHARLEY CARDOZAPred 19 urami

    so funny

  30. Sayonara Moura

    Sayonara MouraPred 19 urami


  31. Mocha cream

    Mocha creamPred 19 urami

    I want fire because u have more opportunities

  32. Green froggie UwU

    Green froggie UwUPred 19 urami

    Im tired of seeing your channel they all suck 😩


    CHARLEY CARDOZAPred 19 urami

    123 go is my favorite youtube channel it is so helpful.

  34. Amy.-.

    Amy.-.Pred 19 urami

    it won,t even fit in my house

  35. Melle King

    Melle KingPred 19 urami

    I liked all THE Magic trick but the ballon popping was my favoruite

  36. Celia Gallegos

    Celia GallegosPred 19 urami

    I am in your fan now

  37. Karla Mina

    Karla MinaPred 19 urami

    I'm so glad I listened to the recommendations of XSPYPRO. COM. He changed and updated my grades within 30min am so happy

  38. R Ince

    R IncePred 19 urami

    I hate Jake but i love Kate

  39. Satheesh ss

    Satheesh ssPred 19 urami

    Omg Annie love you you are popular

  40. Dale Ransom

    Dale RansomPred 19 urami

    Madison use her brain your brain her friend just call her stupid

  41. بنين مصطفى

    بنين مصطفىPred 19 urami

    ١٢ثلاريتلثنرغلثاا غاقب لع

  42. saint n

    saint nPred 19 urami

    Cumber delete this oh this is so good and no sleep see you in the New Year FFFFC

  43. Kiya Laudick

    Kiya LaudickPred 19 urami


  44. Shmaqsi Parizi

    Shmaqsi PariziPred 19 urami

    The Quinn in tik tok is Charli.Damelio😝😏🙂

  45. Mandy Carruthers

    Mandy CarruthersPred 19 urami

    It was all funny

  46. Encaminate al Exito

    Encaminate al ExitoPred 19 urami


  47. Adenike Deyemi

    Adenike DeyemiPred 19 urami


  48. Larisa Sonnik

    Larisa SonnikPred 19 urami

    Kate is fat

  49. Rosario Blanco

    Rosario BlancoPred 19 urami


  50. Joleen Malan

    Joleen MalanPred 20 urami


  51. Dale Ransom

    Dale RansomPred 20 urami

    How do you get crystals ?

  52. Tylnda Berry

    Tylnda BerryPred 20 urami

    casey 123go and fuun

  53. Lamar Wael

    Lamar WaelPred 20 urami

    i love you 123go

  54. Abbas Khalil

    Abbas KhalilPred 20 urami


  55. Milan Gouws

    Milan GouwsPred 20 urami