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  1. Asad Lucky men

    Asad Lucky menPred 15 minutami

    He’s a real loyal to his country

  2. A v Chettiar

    A v ChettiarPred 22 minutami


  3. Dario Liotine

    Dario LiotinePred 40 minutami

    English fans : " you dont get the meaning behind that song ;_;" Bonucci " ITSS COOMING ROOOOME!!" XD

  4. Construction Personal training

    Construction Personal trainingPred uro

    This is actually harry Potter supporting his quidditch team from the bench

  5. Artistic Whispers ASMR

    Artistic Whispers ASMR Pred uro

    Couldn't have poured it on a nicer bloke lol.

  6. musicbloxians

    musicbloxiansPred 2 urami

    no agua, coca còla

  7. Sam Norrish

    Sam NorrishPred 3 urami


  8. pravi srbin

    pravi srbinPred 3 urami

    DREAM AND 50000000 pounds

  9. Jay Jay Gee

    Jay Jay GeePred 4 urami

    Alan Shearer 👌. What a legend. Quality footballer & Quality finisher !! ⚡💥☠️ = Shearer's shots ! He hits em

  10. Carlito Gio

    Carlito GioPred 5 urami

    Brilliant, and those facial expressions and comments 👏 sublime.

  11. parabot2

    parabot2Pred 6 urami

    Benny Hill would have done a better job , LOLZ

  12. Hamza Khan

    Hamza KhanPred 9 urami


  13. Ameya Gokhale

    Ameya GokhalePred 9 urami

    It cost a Fiver v I had a tenner

  14. Eoghan Purser

    Eoghan PurserPred 10 urami

    Odd sight seeing oxlaide chamberlain playing for arsenal

  15. Yair Beristain

    Yair BeristainPred 11 urami

    Zeke jeager??