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  1. Env sparkyt

    Env sparkytPred 5 urami

    I haven't got shite 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Delta Fox

    Delta FoxPred 6 urami

    They should give us more for doing this

  3. Tarik Osmić

    Tarik OsmićPred 6 urami

    New rdr2 video???

  4. Tony CrispRuby

    Tony CrispRubyPred 6 urami

    For me i dont like the fact there are certain cars that can race in the tuner races And the process of these cars are very annoying Making me wander what GTA 6 might be like in the future

  5. Derrick Parker

    Derrick ParkerPred 6 urami

    Mr boss is FAKE

  6. d1mca

    d1mcaPred 6 urami

    What happends when you lose all your money (by getting shot)

  7. Xande Sousa

    Xande SousaPred 6 urami

    What is a place holder?


    SURENDAR DPred 6 urami

    I have received 250k and LS tee😉✌

  9. Joshua Rowan

    Joshua RowanPred 6 urami

    After owning a couple new edge mustangs im soo excited for this!!!! My ass is probably going to have a garage full of em lol 😂

  10. Allen Rivera

    Allen RiveraPred 6 urami

    I just hit dont recommend this channel here on yt. So useless and painful to watch. kept dragging the length too far. Even talk slow. Sooo damn painful. If u guys enjoy his vids just make the speed 1.5x. Thank me later. Bye stupid channel

  11. The Slowie

    The SlowiePred 6 urami

    Is this still true in 2021?

  12. D.D. Henderson

    D.D. HendersonPred 6 urami

    These are junk in real life

  13. vid knavs

    vid knavsPred 6 urami

    I got my 250k

  14. ChaosMii

    ChaosMiiPred 6 urami

    You can cill children in assasins creed oddysey :)

  15. Curtis Thomasville Dk

    Curtis Thomasville DkPred 6 urami

    Msg *mod10_9* on Instagram I got mine from him he's 💯legit

  16. Curtis Thomasville Dk

    Curtis Thomasville DkPred 6 urami

    Msg *mod10_9* on Instagram I got mine from him he's 💯legit

  17. frutNrutMrut

    frutNrutMrutPred 6 urami

    They think youre a girl, and they want to be nice... :D

  18. Sergio Fernández Chicón

    Sergio Fernández ChicónPred 6 urami

    I need someone in ps4 to do it. Anyone?? Thanksss

  19. y_sb

    y_sbPred 6 urami

    How you have 3mil and only get like 30k views in, edit 11 hours?

  20. Lupin823

    Lupin823Pred 6 urami

    When in the trolley, u also pass by Bronte's mansion. You can shoot his men, the gatekeeper among one of them. But you lose a ton of honour for that mind you. 8:57 NOO! ..but i will not intervene if and/or when someone is strangling you..

  21. Rock 114

    Rock 114Pred 7 urami

    Fun fact, but the date he gave, April 14th, 1862, is more or less accurate for taking Saint Denis. New Orleans, Louisiana (The real life counterpart to RDR2's Saint Denis, Lemoyne) fell to Union forces on April 25th, 1862. It's small, but I'm impressed that the writers made sure this character gave an appropriate date for what he's talking about, especially as he's such a minor part of a huge game and many players (Like myself) never actually met him.

  22. Big Fat Juicy Wang

    Big Fat Juicy WangPred 7 urami

    Hey! It’s Mr. Trash For The Bin!


    XXXCOGEICONPred 7 urami

    Where tf is my money then rockstar?

  24. Artol Wrench

    Artol WrenchPred 7 urami

    My friend got the 250k last night..


    MANYA SURVEPred 7 urami

    in video thamnel the Gta characters like : Cloud, Tommy, CJ is so smart and cool 👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Adam C

    Adam CPred 7 urami

    Long story short nothing happens

  27. Gio Perez

    Gio PerezPred 7 urami

    I got my 250k earlier

  28. Winston Anderson

    Winston AndersonPred 7 urami

    It’s from an anime

  29. YUNG CR!S!S

    YUNG CR!S!SPred 7 urami

    I'm happy that Rockstar has given us a cleaner version of the Amazing Albany livery. Now Doc Hudson doesn't have to look so rusted when he drives

  30. SPOOKYV77

    SPOOKYV77Pred 7 urami

    The way how Rockstar punishes you in the game sounds like your dad putting you in the corner lol

  31. Big Boy

    Big BoyPred 7 urami

    I got my $250k

  32. Poggy

    PoggyPred 7 urami

    I just realized there are no kids in gta 5 after seeing the title if this video even tho I’ve been playing this game fir quite a while

  33. Basset hounds lover 54

    Basset hounds lover 54Pred 7 urami

    Can u do a video of how u use g2a please

  34. Jexiplier

    JexiplierPred 7 urami

    i got 250k

  35. peteycrack

    peteycrackPred 7 urami

    I only buy vehicles on discount. Otherwise I just keep saving.

  36. Neko Senpai

    Neko SenpaiPred 7 urami

    I just hope they give us the 1 mil at the start of nxt month Edit: I’ve also been getting the screen when i load into gta online “Your save data could not be loaded” or sum like that am i the only one?

  37. Birgitta Söderberg

    Birgitta SöderbergPred 7 urami

    Good video as usual. Im a new player in gtao and I got my 250k 2 days ago.

  38. Bradley Keep

    Bradley KeepPred 7 urami

    I haven't even received the 250,000 they were meant to give out

  39. Daniel Miller

    Daniel MillerPred 7 urami

    I want an earlier Red Dead. Potentially civil war but if we're keeping with the Van Der Linde Gang theme, would be cool to see a young Dutch and Hosea meeting, later finding boy Arthur too and founding the gang. We've had games centred around the gang sure but we've had the first game where Dutch has already lost it and this one where he is in the process of losing it. It'd be refreshing to see how all the gang described him before blackwater. Charismatic, honest, trustworthy, a man of the people. Like a wild west robin hood. Just want to see the Dutch that everyone keeps describing, and not the Dutch that they've shown us twice now Maybe getting to play as Dutch and getting to form the gang, one person at a time. With the epilogue section of the game leading up to the Blackwater Massacre Also sidenote: Would be cool to see the first bank robbery they do play out in game like it was described in the newspaper clipping that Arthur keeps. Where Dutch, Hosea and Arthur rob the bank, kinda rushed and all since its their first time then they go handing out the money to the poor like the newspaper says they did

  40. Wolf Sif

    Wolf SifPred 7 urami

    I never had this for a long time

  41. SPOOKYV77

    SPOOKYV77Pred 7 urami

    I got the $250k but didn't get the 2 bonuses

  42. David Ramirez

    David RamirezPred 8 urami

    I was waiting for the money when I saw ur vid about it but I never got it until I saw something went wrong

  43. Christian Burnett

    Christian BurnettPred 8 urami

    thank you😄

  44. Nabill Dunberg

    Nabill DunbergPred 8 urami

    I dident get some

  45. Merryweather Security Consulting

    Merryweather Security ConsultingPred 8 urami

    MrBossFTW will make 10 videos about this DLC in two days.


    KILLAKINGD0MPred 8 urami

    How could he be? The strange man has no plan, no money, no mangoes! Besides he’s an accountant, Strauss’s SECRET identity revealed for the win!!

  47. Christian Burnett

    Christian BurnettPred 8 urami

    people mad over 250k 🤣

  48. Shae

    ShaePred 8 urami

    i never got mine :(

  49. pete1978ful

    pete1978fulPred 8 urami

    BMW on need for speed

  50. Mrpoopybutthole

    MrpoopybuttholePred 8 urami

    What would Lester reaction be?

  51. Alex Mason

    Alex MasonPred 8 urami

    We all know that the ladies of the gang would have wet dreams about Arthur

  52. AFRAZ

    AFRAZPred 8 urami

    I was loading gta and watching this vid and then got 250k!

  53. Michael Clarke

    Michael ClarkePred 8 urami

    No nothing yet but no point in going of on them just waiting

  54. etc arief

    etc ariefPred 8 urami

    Still mad that i didnt get the LS Tour Jacket/LSC Jacket and the LST Overalls , but i did get the 250k tho

  55. Damian Wayne Robin

    Damian Wayne RobinPred 8 urami

    There should be some tuners for the pegassi tempesta

  56. Demarcus Q

    Demarcus QPred 8 urami

    I only want the cop outfit to put the pig mask on it


    FROSTXBITEZPred 8 urami

    So they kept the one that didn't work....

  58. -_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-

    -_-ThisNameIsCreative AsFuck-_-Pred 8 urami

    250k isn't gonna buy shit 😂

  59. 04_Arya Nabil Satrio

    04_Arya Nabil SatrioPred 8 urami

    It's actually the first time i saw Arthur scare like very scared 🤣🤣

  60. mdghp12 -kai

    mdghp12 -kaiPred 8 urami

    I got mine 3 times in a row

  61. LordVader_1982

    LordVader_1982Pred 8 urami

    And they emailed me stating that because I linked my prime gaming after purchasing the auto shop I won’t be getting my refund. Which isn’t right anyway as my account has been linked for about 5-6 months now. I get the perks in red dead but not gta.

  62. Bashy Akaouch

    Bashy AkaouchPred 8 urami

    I got 250.000 this morning Germany!

  63. Janis Joplin

    Janis JoplinPred 8 urami

    LMFAO how are you not thoroughly embarrassed by making such awful, worse than bottom feeding content?

  64. Jose

    JosePred 8 urami

    I don't know about you guys but I got about 3.2 million for free a few days ago

  65. isabelle rodriguez

    isabelle rodriguezPred 9 urami

    fun fact: you can save lenny if you throw a dynamite near him not to close but close enough to make him fall and then he wont be shot

  66. Tobias Rieper

    Tobias RieperPred 9 urami

    I ve got nothing gifted from R*. Don't got any money, no items, no liveries no anything. I wrote them a ticket, but they haven't answered yet.

  67. Richie Lewis

    Richie LewisPred 9 urami

    Got the rebate for the auto shop, contacted r* support, only $1.7 million, spent $4.4 million on the strawberry auto shop

  68. Gaming And Funny Moments NL

    Gaming And Funny Moments NLPred 9 urami

    8:06 yes

  69. BirDMaN 120502

    BirDMaN 120502Pred 9 urami

    It’s definitely worth it

  70. CwB Studio Unlimited

    CwB Studio UnlimitedPred 9 urami

    How can yall drive it around and customize already in these videos?

  71. Deejay Ecko

    Deejay EckoPred 9 urami

    this is a mustang but i say it's more along the Saleen edition mustang

  72. Bhoomit Singh

    Bhoomit SinghPred 9 urami

    did anyone receive the money yet ?

  73. Whiff

    WhiffPred 9 urami

    I’m buyin these cars because I’ve dreamed of them being in the game for a long time not because they aren’t the fastest

  74. crimsonfancy

    crimsonfancyPred 9 urami

    I think the El Camino-styled truck you drove here in this show is the best thing in the update.

  75. Johns Thicchouse

    Johns ThicchousePred 9 urami

    Yo when they adding the previon I want that car so bad

  76. Neil Sarran

    Neil SarranPred 9 urami

    Should let npc drive custom cars

  77. javier escuella

    javier escuellaPred 9 urami

    John lived longer